Agro Tiger© 3-String Twine Baler

Agrotiger Baler collects all crop residue-stems left by combine harvesters on your farmland from the surface of it, passes them through the cutting unit and turns them into hay bales by tying them with a knotting unit. The bales left on your farmland can be easily handled and stacked with the help of their light weight and strong strings Our baler models vary in themselves considering their functions, the products are classifıed as 3-twine baler with chopping unit, 3-twine baler GOLD, 2-twine baler without chopping unit and 2-twine baler GOLD without chopping unit. Our standard type, 3-twine balers with chopping unit and wide-model GOLD type balers can also perform baling of crops such as clover, vetch, trefoil and ete. when their chopping unit is removed.

The stems of the grains such as wheat, barley, oat, rye and ete. and the forage plants such as clover, vetch, trefoil and ete. left on the fıeld after harvest are turneci into hay and stem bales. The power needed for driving the machine is obtained from the power take-off of the tractor through the machine's shaft. The machine runs quiet and fast. in addition to these, through the hydraulic system on the pickup section, the collector unit can be adjusted easily by moving upwards and downwards. By this way, the user can easily move the pickup on the farmland through the tractor and the crop residues on surface of the farmland are minimized. Through appropriate selection of the drive transmission units on the machines, the power need from the tractor is minimized. EMS 003 Baler has been manufactured with a different main housing, chassis and bale compression room by using thicker and stronger materials. The volant is designed to minimize the power need from the tractor and abrasion and decoupling risks of are eliminated through the roller bearing in the center and the fuse breaker function. AII products manufactured by our fırm have test reports, certifıed industry registration certifıcates and production certifıcates. Our products are sold through the Agricultural Credit Cooperative, Pankobirlik and Ziraat Bank. We intend to provide maximum satisfaction and benefıt for the owners of our Agricultural Machines through our guarantee service which aims to minimize the downtimes of machines through its rapid intervention and fast resolutions in the guarantee term.

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