Agro Tiger© Feed Mixing Machine

Agro Tiger Feed Mixing and Spreader is attached behind the tractor by the drawbar and performs ali its functions such as mixing and spreading feeds by pressurizing the hydromotor located on the machine which is driven by the power take-off of the tractor and by this way, the need for high manpower and time-based losses are minimized.

This is a combined machine which is designed for keeping the meat and milk quality in dairy cow breeding, stock breeding and sheep and goat breeding at the highest level. The homogeneity in ration and the desired granule size needed by the livestock are kept at the maximum level by means of this machine. The advantages of Agro Tiger Forage Mixer and Spreader completely manufactured for this purpose are as follows;
* It can turn the products you would like to use as feed such as stem, hay, clover, silage, cossene, concentrate feed and ete. in a homogeneous form in the feed mixing machine.
* The weighing system which we provide our customer optionally has the memory for 17 rations and you can prepare the products in the weight you desi re through the menu with multi-language option.
* With the loading bucket on the machine, it provides the convenience of transferring the products to the machine chamber with low labor.
* lncreasing meat and dairy yield which you can get from your livestock thanks to its advantages such as minimizing losses based on manpower and time will provide contribution in your profıtability and competitive strength.

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