Agro Tiger© Liquid Fertilizer Distribution Tank

Agrotiger liquid Fertilizer Distribution Tank is developed for distributing/spreading 15% fluid fertilizer which is obtained by separating its solid and fluid forms of animal manure with high organic matter content by means of a separator. By means of its specifıcally selected pump and mechanical machine structure, it ensures homogenous distribution/spread of liquid fertilizer on the surface of farmlands With the help of the pump on the machine, the liquid fertilizer drawn by vacuum can be taken from the fertilizer pool in a short time and safely.The gate valves running through a secured hydraulic system adjust the intensity of the vacuum and discharge lines, by this way, it is ensured that the fertilizer is fılled in the tank and sprayed on the surface of farmland at desired rates. With the help of the upper spreader system which is optionally coupled on the machine, wider distribution/spread area is obtained.

We intend to provide maximum satisfaction and benefıt for the owners of our Agricultural Machines through our guarantee service which aims to minimize the downtimes of machines through its rapid intervention and fast resolutions in the guarantee term.

Technicial Specifications