Agro Tiger© Row Independent Sunflower Header(With Chopper)

Sunflower harvesting headers harvest the sunflower to extract the oils and sunflower pulps This machine reduces manpower needed in sunflower harvest operations and sunflowers are harvested in a short while without any influence from seasonal factors it is designed to be attached to any brand and model of combine harvester with easy changes in the connection kit.

Superior harvest performance of Agrotiger Sunflower Header with Crusher shows its necessity The machine shows its superior performance on ali sunflower varieties and it is used in ali products without experiencing any problem regardless of the size of the stems and flowers of sunflowers The Sunflower Header with Crusher as a signifıcant example for agricultural mechanization practices will be the fırst choice with its high performance in harvest operations; combination of its ideal design and functionalities is a success criterion for the product Agrotiger Sunflower Header with Crusher which is designed in this way aims you to harvest your products easily and without experiencing any product loss by keeping its performance high.

Technicial Specifications