Agro Tiger© Solid Fertilizer Distribution Trailer

Agrotiger Solid Fertilizer Spreading Trailer ensures distribution of animal manure with high organic matter content on the farm surface homogenously Fertilizer is distributed/spread on a wider area more homogenously through the vertical helix system. in this way, the soil compaction rate decreases, time and labor savings are achieved. Considering the characteristic structure and power distribution, the machine becomes prominent as the perfect harmony of hydraulic and mechanic. The movement taken from the power take-off of of the tractor is transferred to the helix through transmission and forms the distribution system. The fertilizer carrying conveyor system is driven by a hydromotor through a transmission. By this way, the tractor is used more effıciently and fuel saving is provided Thanks to its hydraulically adjustable discharge cover, the fertilizer to be spread and the amount of fertilizer to be spread can be set at high precision in accordance with the characteristics of the fertilizer and this process can be done quickly and easily. AII products manufactured by our fırm have test reports, certifıed industry registration certifıcates and production certifıcates. Our products are sold through the Agricultural Credit Cooperative, Pankobirlik and Ziraat Bank. We intend to provide maximum satisfaction and benefıt for the owners of our Agrotiger Agricultural Machines through our guarantee service which aims to minimize the downtimes of machines through its rapid intervention and fast resolutions in the guarantee term.

Technicial Specifications