Agro Tiger© Stone Collecting Machine

Agro Tiger Stone collecting machine collects and stores the stones on the soil surface or in particular depths of the soil. The machine is consist of a rotor, heat-treated blades and custom-design springs designed for picking up stones. By these components, it becomes possible to pick stones at any diameter and sort without causing any damage for the machine. The movement of the storage tank is driven through the hydraulic cylinder. By means of special-design steel pickers, the stones that fail into the sieve are fıltered of soil. Then the stones are transferred to the storage tank and soil left back on the fıeld Due to its superior design, the machine is used economically under ali kinds of soil conditions. Ali materials used for manufacturing the machine are selected carefully and the machine is manufactured without compromising from high-quality. it can be used anywhere you want to collect stones like farmland, construction sites, parks, lands, ete.

Technicial Specifications