Agro Tiger© Stone Crusher

Agrotiger CRUSHER 1500 Stone Crusher is driven by the power take-off of the tractor. The stone crushing machine, connected to the tractor with a drawbar, crushes stones on fıeld surface and l 2-20cm underground stones with the help of imported specially manufactured diamond blades. Crushing process is done between 32 diamond blades and 25 cm thick HARDOX jaw The internal part of the machine is equipped with custom-confıguration hardox 12 mm metal sheets resistant to abrasion. The machine is used on all fıelds with high stone density such as stony farmlands, orchards, greenhouses, seashores and ete. which can be tamed arable. The soil becomes arable when the stones on the farmland surface are crushed and the minerals in stones and ete. are mixed in the soil. By this way, the yield obtained from farmlands increases and use of chemical fertilizers decreases. The stone crusher and spreader ensure that you get maximum productivity by fetching stones from the surface and stones that reach a depth of 20 cm from the soil. The stone crushing machine, which offers high-level effıciency and workability in stony lands, is designed and developed to achieve the most effıciency in addition to this, it can also be used in road construction operations.

Technicial Specifications